International manufacturers and dealers - Produttori e rivenditori internazionali

Radiocommunication producers
Accessories producers

Components, documentation and kits
Suppliers and repairs
Surplus (no radio only)

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New directory Produttori e rivenditori italiani
New directory Italian manufacturers and dealers

Radiocommunication producers  
Alinco Radio rigs
AOR Ltd. Japan Radio scanner
AOR U.S.A. Radio scanner
Elecraft Innovative high-performance radio rigs and kits
Grundig - Etón
Radio rigs
Icom America
Radio rigs

Icom Europe GmbH

Radio rigs
Icom France Radio rigs
Icom UK Radio rigs
J.R.C. Radio rigs
Kenwood Radio rigs
Yaesu Europe
Radio rigs
TEN-TEC Radio rigs
Vertex Standard (Yaesu & Standard) Radio rigs producer

Accessories producers  
DX Software HAM radio S/W
Garmin Global Position System receivers
Harlan Technologies Specialized in Amateur Radio Television products
Packet radio and modems
M.F.J. Enterprises
A lot of accessories for amateur radio
Radio Shack
Packet radio and modems
TRX manager
Control S/W for amateur RTX by F6DEX
UKW Berichte High performance accessories/kits
Vibroplex The famous key producer
Slow Scan Television

Antennas producers  
Barker & Williamson  
BAZ Spezialantennen Directional antennas for 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm, WLAN
EH Antenna Systems  
F9FT- Tonnà  
Gap Antennas  
LZ antenna LTD High quality manufacturing YAGI antennas and custom electronic devices
M2 inc  
Spectral - ISOPOLE
VHF & UHF base antennas for Amateur (legendary ISOPOLE)
Tarheel Antennas  
Times Antenna 2.4 GHz ~ 5.8 GHz antennas' manufacturer and exporter

Components, documentation and kits  
Amidon Corporation
Ferromagnetic products
Developer and publisher of government related databases
Radio Era Archives
Old radio schematic diagrams

Suppliers and repairs:  
Begali Morsetasten Exklusiv Haendler fuer Begali Morsetasten in der Schweiz, Official Switzerland Dealer
CB+ radiocommunication in France (amateur radio, citizen band, scanner receivers)
Copper Electronics
Amateur radio equipment supplier
Ham Radio Outlet Amateur radio equipment supplier
Javiation UK
Supplier of HF, VHF and UHF communication reicervers
Passion Radio Shop Boutique en ligne basée en France, pour radioamateurs, CB et passionnés
Radio Doctor Ham Equipment Repair
Radioscan   Supplier of handheld radio scanners and related accessories

Surplus (not radio only)  
Armed Forces Merchandise
lnt'l Military Sales
Military Components Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits
Surplus Sales of Nebraska  
U.S. Cavalry  

Support to radioamateur's activities  
Davis Meteo stations
Fluke Professional instruments
Mscan Meteo, the program to decode FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY signals
La Crosse  Weather stations
Mom 'N' Pop's Software
Large selection of Ham Radio software and other S/W CD Roms.

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